Steve Winkler

I've been composing off and on for 20+ years.  I received a Bachelor's of Music degree in Music Theory and Composition from Butler University in Indianapolis. I studied composition with Michael Schelle while at Butler.  Since then I've continued studying on my own and currently have some tremendous discussions with people from around the world through online forums.  I often wonder where my music would be now if I could have taken advantage of the technology then that's available to composers now.  Anyway......


I went on to get a Master's in Music degree from Butler in orchestra conducting.  Although I don't do any conducting it was a worthwhile degree in the sense that I was exposed to more literature and a way of looking at music apart from the typical theory, form and analysis studies, counterpoint and orchestration classes

Below you'll find some works in progress.  It's my version of a blog where I can document the progress of pieces I'm working on. 




 A Rondo that is finished in the sense that the music is written and I don't forsee changing it.  However it is going to be scored for a piano quartet (piano, violin, viola and cello) and I've yet to do that.  I'm also working on a Passacaglia as a companion movement and to date have ideas for about 5 variations but it's far from complete. 

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    Passacaglia - this will be a companion movement to the Rondo.  I more or less finished the piano sketch and have moved on to scoring it for piano quartet.  Here's the beginning part so far.  I'll likely change some voice leading and I need to work on the piano part alot more.

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